Hou liang

Hou Liang graduated from KU Leuven,Belgium,with a master degree of architecture. In 2003,Hou Liang founded his own design studio Hou Liang Architecture in Brussels, Belgium.Inspired by natural and traditional aesthetic of the east,observers are widely attracted by the silence and elegance of his design and will always discover a pure experience in Hou Liang’s architecture.He has discovered many of his concept while pursuing the nebula cloud.As an architect,he is always fascinated with the constantly changing spatial experience and the limitless form in the nebula clouds,these observations often become metaphors for his architectural concepts.
Differing from the typical digital architecture characterizing today’s architectural scene,The design of Hou Liang’s office emphases on his hand-on experience. The massive use of study models and hand sketches has created a unique intellectual bond between the designer and his concept. Hou Liang’s architectures is based on human scale and on the spatial experience of the visitors.His design often presents a philosophical value of Zen and a strong sense of social responsibility.Over the years,he has become one of the most congratulated winning architects among young architects in today’s design scene and has gained in depth experience through the tremendous amount of victorious proposals he made for international architecture projects.