Food,Sit On Cloud

When DESIGN meets FOOD, SITONCLOUD by Hou Liang brings people into a travelling dining experience.

Hou Liang is a renowned international architect born in Shanghai, and a graduate of KU Leuven University in Belgium. Inspired by the philosophy of Chinese Taoism, his SITONCLOUD design is the next revolution after Steve Jobs’ to reinvent how humans communicate via multimedia.

“This is not a table”, but an imaginary space for gathering people to chat, to drink, to dance, to cheer. . . to release your true emotions, from meditation to celebration.

After giving life to furniture by combining design and multimedia projection, Hou Liang is now extending his concept for giving unique dining experiences to peoples.

The essence of the project is to offer new perspectives in the way we experiment dining by ‘making Design meets F&B’. For Hou Liang, ‘this project is my way to democratize Design, anyone cannot afford an art piece of furniture, but everyone can meet and share a great dinner’. Gathering people around vivid colors, sounds and experimental tastes, SITONCLOUD tables are designed to be mobile and can be installed everywhere.

Each dish displayed on the table receives a special projection, which either reveal the real pattern of the products, or either gives to the dish a special color or video. The result is a moving banquet , combining light with cuisine, colors with tastes, and design with people.