Hou Liang,Sit On Cloud

The awarded Architecture office founded by HOU Liang is now raising a revolution in the world of furniture !

‘SITONCLOUD furniture are alive, and bring landscapes at home.’ HOU Liang is a renowned international architect born in Shanghai, and a graduate of KU Leuven University in Belgium. Inspired by the philosophy of Chinese Taoism, his SITONCLOUD design is the next revolution after Steve Jobs’ to reinvent how humans communicate via multimedia.

By combining Design and Artistic video projections, the SITONCLOUD tables are moving as they would be alive. ‘This is not a table, but an imaginary space for gathering people to chat, to drink, to dance, to cheer. . . to release your true emotions, from meditation to celebration.’

The tables shapes reminds natural curves, and the artistic videos are projecting a large range of natural themes which bring nature into our interiors. The possibility of projecting any content through the SITONCLOUD tables revolutionizes the way we use furniture. Steve Jobs spent his life to democratize communication, changing computers to pocket devices for people to access to informations. Hou Liang’s design is applying multimedia to people’s life, keeping the balance between virtuality and reality, making people gather and communicate more.

The SITONCLOUD collection has been revealed for the first time in the Dufy Gallery of the mythic  Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, for the exhibition ‘Generation Design’, organized on September by ELLE Decoration Magazine for their 25th birthday.